🍩 Сегодняшние дропы

🍩 Сегодняшние дропы:

#NWP (10$): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbVJTPtI1FJekOt6mG48ZlJYNx3zx15ugozhTnAw8njW3qTQ/viewform

#NUK: https://telegram.me/NukleusBot?start=bf1d7bf7

#HGO: http://vy.tc/f18bP44

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NWP solution Airdrop is on 4000 participants is a limit!!
This Airdrop is limit to 4000 Participants. All token will be given to them. Get your 200 NWP Tokens (10 USD) by: 1. join us in telegram & stay there till the ico end https://t.me/nwpsolution 2. Follow us in Twitter https://twitter.com/nwpplatform 3. Like us in facebook ..